How it Works

PoolSide is YOUR Personal Flotation Anchor

Using a PoolSide Personal Flotation Anchor means no more hanging on to the edge of the pool with your hand or foot while talking to friends, sun tanning, or trying to relax on your float in the pool!

PoolSide Personal Flotation Anchors are already a great value for the relaxation they provide. Now you can add even more value! SAVE ON SHIPPING by ordering TWO PoolSides!


* Works with any style personal flotation device!
* No more paddling back to the edge to talk to friends or family outside the pool!
* No more being pushed around by the current, splashed, or dumped in the middle of the pool!
* Easy to use for any age!**

Tanning Made Easy!

* Total control for getting that even tan!
* No more burning one side of your body because you can rotate with the sun!
* Simply reposition the PoolSide foam pad under a different part of your body as the sun moves!
* It securely holds you in the exact position you choose!

PoolSide’s retractable coil cord allows you to completely relax and experience peaceful, gentle, carefree floating yet keeps you securely anchored within inches of the side of the pool. No more drifting into other people swimming or kids splashing!

** This product should not be used by unsupervised children at any time. This product is NOT a life-saving device. Non-swimmers or low-skilled swimmers should never be left unsupervised in a pool area, on or off a flotation device.**

Single Purchase

Twin Pack